C Pentatonic
: g Centre; A, C', D', E', G', A', C'', D'', E''.
F Pentatonic: f Centre; A, C', D', F', G', A', C'', D'', F''.
Balinese f Centre
: A, Bb (A#), C', E', F', A', Bb' (A#'), C'', E''
C-Minor Pentatonic
: g Centre; Ab (G#), C', D', Eb' (D#'), G', Ab' (G#'), C'', D'', Eb'' (D#'').
Turkish g Centre
: Ab, C', C#', E', F', G', Ab' (G#'), B' (= H'),C".

The Caisa is a convex steeldrum which has been specially designed to be played with
fingers, hands or short mallets.
This long awaited instrument consists of two parts. The upper half is a round dome
of special steel with a diameter of around 60cm, from which a wooden or metal disk is suspended.
The two parts are connected by metal ropes, permitting an ideal resonance.
A wooden foot, easing play in a seated position, is available on demand.
The Caisa is easily mounted on a stand to play freely standing or seated.
It is available in five different scales and in two different sound qualities:
short and percussive ( S/P ) or long and full ( L/F )
The instrument is ideal for percussionists, professionals and amateurs, who want to fall
in love with an easily accessible, portable instrument.
The Caisa sound experience enchants all ages
The Caisa is a new instrument designed by KAISOS STEEL DRUMS..


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